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Welcome to the Alamo Inn!


Kelly and I are excited to announce our new adventure! We have purchased the Alamo Motel so that we can expand our lodging options. We have been blessed with success on our other business, Square View Inn in Unionville, MO and see great potential for this alternative option for our customers.

This is exceptionally exciting because my grandparents, Willard and Winnie Ingersoll built the facility in 1972 and managed the business until shorty after Grandmas death about 10 years later. They lived on site in a homey apartment above the units where I have many fond memories. I roller skated along the sidewalks and through the tunnel in between the buildings and my Grandma and I listened to Johnny Cash (and the Chipmunks Christmas album-year around) on her stereo in the lobby. My Grandpa let me drink as much Coca Cola a kid could consume out of the vending machine during each visit.

They decided to open the business during Unionville's booming times with the cattle sale, railroad and Missouri Mining all operating in the area. Grandma loved the Spanish decor of that time period and wanted to design the facility in that style. They came up with the Alamo because it had a nice sound and they could use "remember the Alamo" on all the marketing. My Grandpa answered the phone "yalamomotel" all in one word. I am not sure that Kelly will carry on that tradition�.

The business has experienced 3 owners since, and has been maintained very reasonably. However, we are anxious to bring it up to our standards as this will make another fine option for travelers to the Putnam County area. We will now call it the Alamo Inn as it transitions into more modern accommodations. The lobby area has been fully renovated to host private events as well as receive our guests. All rooms have been completely remodeled to modern standards.

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